With all the emphasis on global warming these days, everyday we realize how important it is for us to gain mastery in this topic.  There are so many interesting topics that we cover in science!

Review some with the videos and podcasts below!   Comment and submit any you have to share!  Cool


Dark Matter, Black hole theory, and more!

Listen to this discussion about DARK MATTER on the Science and Society Podcast.  Dr.  Kim Geist discusses theories about DARK MATTER and experiments concerning black holes, BIG BANG, and other theories about the universe.  It is really interesting!  Laughing   Get more information on similar topics from the Science and Society website.

What is the truth about Black holes?

This is a video podcast from The Chandra telescope website regarding the characteristics of black holes in our cosmic ecosystem!  Undecided  See the website for more great information.

Explore our environment at Earth Trends!

Explore this great resource of information at Earth Trends, including the Earth Trends Podcast! 

Here's the link!


Study astronomy with NASA!

Did you see the lunar eclipse in February?  NASA has videos and podcasts on many exciting topics in astronomy.  Watch the launches and preparation for the shuttle trip with the astronauts!  This site takes you inside the NASA organization.  Buckle up and join the flight! Surprised

Here's the link!  Enjoy the trip!