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Ancient World History

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Can geography review be fun? Watch this!

Understanding geography is a big part of learning history.  Cultures develop due to different climates and geographical features.  Also, the political entities are always something we study.  Geography is not always one of our favorite subjects because we have to memorize!  Thanks to Yakko for this cute little song which can help us review the names of some countries.    We found this on  Wink

Early Man

This podcast covers the phases of early man.  Characteristics of Australopithecus through Homo sapien are covered.  The Neolithic Age and Paleolithic Age as well as characteristics of early civilizations are also discussed.

Click here for more detailed information on the early hominids! Laughing

Early River Valley Civilizations

This podcast covers the early civilizations of Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, the Indus River cities and Ancient China.  The Chinese dynasties of Shang and Zhou are also discussed.

Indo-European Migrations

This podcast covers some of the earliest people known as the Indo-Europeans who migrated from the steppes region to Europe and India.  The Hittites and the Aryans are discussed.  The seafaring people of Crete known as the Minoans as well as the Phoenicians, cultural diffusion, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism are also discussed.  

The First Age of Empires

The first empires included the Middle and New Kingdoms in Egypt, as well as the Kush kings in Nubia.  This podcast reviews these first empires including the Assyrians, the Persian Empire established by King Cyrus the Great and his successor King Darius, and the Qin Dynasty in China.  The first emperor of China, Shi Huangdi and his legalistic autoctratic government is also reviewed.  These early civilizations became empires as they expanded and conquered other lands.

Ancient Greece

This podcast reviews Ancient Greece from the Mycenean kings through the Hellenistic culture.  Topics include the Golden Age of Greece, Persian War, Alexander the Great and contributions to western civilization from both the Golden Age and the Hellenistic periods.

Ancient Rome and Early Christianity

This podcast reviews some key facts concerning the Roman Empire including early emperors, economic activity, expansion and reasons for decline.  Contributions to western civilization in the areas of language, arts, literature, law and government, and architecture are also reviewed.  Review with us! Smile

Ancient India and China

Listen to this masterycast podcast to review the Mauryan and Gupta Empires.  Also we discuss the Han Dynasty.  It is important to mention the trade over the silk roads and the contributions of each of these ancient cultures as well! 

The Early Muslim World

This podcast reviews some key facts concerning the early Muslim Empire including some basic beliefs of Islam and the Five Pillars.  The Ummayad and Abbasid Empires are also discussed.  It's a first step in understanding the history of the Muslim World!

The Byzantines, Russians and Seljuk Turks

After the fall of the western portion of the Roman Empire, Byzantium remained as a significant trade center.  This podcast discusses Justinian and the interactions between the Byzantines, the Russians in Kiev, and the Seljuk Turks.

Empires of East Asia- 600-1300AD

This podcast explores key facts about the empires of East Asia during the period from approximately 600 to 1300 AD.  The Tang and Song Dynasties with their many accomplishments, and their eventual defeat by the Mongols and establishment of the Yuan Dynasty are reviewed.  The early clans in Japan and eventual Japanese feudalism remained isolated.  The shogun and samurai were an important part of Japanese history.  The kingdoms in Southeast Asia and Indonesia are also discussed. All of these cultures were influenced by the Chinese and Indian cultures.  If you visit Bangkok today you can't miss the impact of China and India! Laughing

Western Europe-The Middle Ages and Crusades

Here we discuss the period following the fall of the Roman Empire in Europe, and before the Renaissance--The Middle Ages! Western Europe changed dramatically entering a period of feudalism when power was based upon control of land.  There was a decline in culture, learning, and ultimately the Crusades as the power of the Church grows.  Following the Crusades, however, a new period of trade and rebirth will  emerge, ending the Middle Ages and leading to the Renaissance.

The Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas- 900-1500 AD

The Americas contained many civilizations during the period from 900 to 1500AD.  The Mayans, Aztecs and Incas thrived with cities, pyramids, religious ceremonies and rivalries.  The Incas would create a large empire in South America with extensive roads to link the empire and a socialist government.  Human sacrifices would be seen in the Mayan and Aztec civilizations.  All would come to an end when the Spanish would enter the region, capturing the Aztecs and Inca civilizations. 

The Muslim Empire Expands-900-1500AD

This podcast discusses the expansion of the Muslim Empire in the Ottoman Empire, the Safavid Empire and the Mughal Empire.  The result of this expansion is cultural diffusion and new ideas spreading throughout the region.

The Renaissance and Reformation

The Renaissance was a period of 'rebirth" after the Middle Ages.  Revolutionary changes in art and literature as well as politics would occur as society changed it's focus to that of the individual potential of all men.  "Humanism", or the belief in the potential of all men gave rise to the "renaissance man". Machiavelli would write of politics as many wrote in the vernacular.  These ideas would further weaken the church and also lead to the Reformation period.

Age of Global Exploration and Colonization

The ideas and spirit of the Renaissance gave rise to a new era of exploration and ultimate colonization in many parts of the globe.  This podcast discusses many of the early explorers as well as the early colonization globally.  Following this period, we will see the world moving toward the modern era.  Visit the Modern World History section in Subjects for the continuation of our World History series.

US History

Welcome to the Maze!  Here you will find podcasts and other review materials on various topics in US History.  Click on the topic of your choice and review for mastery!  If you wish to download the podcast for further listening, please register. Once registered on MasteryMaze you may download all materials and post in the forums and comment on the blog. 

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Colonial America

This podcast covers basic facts concerning early American colonization and the Thirteen colonies.  Jamestown, Massachusetts Bay, Pennsylvania, New Netherlands, and Rhode Island are discussed as well as the reasons and people involved in their formation.

Who were some of the important people involved in the early colonies?  Click here for more information!




Setting the Stage for Revolution

Thid podcast covers events and circumstances leading up to the Revolutionary War.  Concepts such as mercantilism and salutary neglect are covered as well as events leading to the war.

The Revolutionary War

This podcast covers some key events relating to the American Revolution.  Also discussed are some of the main ideas of the Declaration of Independence such as the social contract theory.

Click below for more information on this topic!

Paul Revere-

Benjamin Franklin-

Thomas Paine-

The Constitution

This podcast summarizes some of the key events leading to the ratification of the Constitution such as the Great Compromise, the Three-Fifths Compromise, as well as the roles of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists.  It also summarizes many of the key provisions and terms including the concepts of federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances, the elastic clause and other similar principles.

The New Nation

This podcast discusses the New Nation!  Key ideas concerning Washington, Adams and Jefferson are included as well as the Louisana Purchase, and the origin of political parties.  Hamilton's financial plan and early domestic and foreign issues are also covered.

Click below for more background information on President George Washington!

Click below for more information on President John Adams.

You can also find more information on President Thomas Jefferson by clicking below!

Additional information is available below for President James Madison.

Early 1800's- Nationalism and Sectionalism

This podcast discusses the economic differences of the north and south after the War of 1812, and the beginnings of industrialization, nullification and sectionalism.  Increased nationalism is also discussed with the examples of the Monroe Doctrine and Gibbons v Ogden.  Jacksonian Democracy is covered as well as Jacksons role in the Indian Removal Act and National Bank controversy.

The 1800's Reform Era

This is a short review podcast discussing some key facts about the Reform Era following the War of 1812.  Topics include the Abolition, Temperance, and women's rights initiatives.  Important people of the period include Dorothea Dix, William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, as well as others!  The Second Great Awakening and religious revival facilitates the focus on the individual and needed reforms.

Westward Expansion and the Civil War

This podcast reviews some key ideas about the issue of slavery and the expansion west as well as the Civil War.  The discussion reviews the definitions of market revolution, and manifest destiny while covering the purposes of the Missouri Compromise, Compromise of 1850 and popular sovereignty in the Kansas Nebraska Act.  Key events in the Civil War are also discussed including the Emancipation Proclamation, and Gettysburg. The discussion concludes with a review of the results of the Civil War. 

The Reconstruction Period 1865- 1877

This podcast discusses the post Civil War Reconstruction period.  It includes discussion of the goals of the period, the problems and its legacy.  Covered are Lincoln's Ten Percent Plan, the Reconstruction Act, Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution, and vocabulary including black codes, scalawag, home rule and redemption.


Late 1800's- The Populist Movement and Industrialization

After the Civil War the west continued to expand.  The Homestead Act and transcontinental railroad led to growth of towns and cities as well as farming and the cattle industry.  Farmers faced problems and organized a grassroots platform and Populist party which proposed many changes in election, tax and economic policy.  A desire to counter deflation and increase the money supply called for "free silver" to back the dollar.  Industry also expanded as a result of new technological advances and natural resources and labor force.  Many individuals became wealthy including Andrew Carnegie and John D, Rockefeller.  Working conditions worsened and unions began to organize. 

Late 1800's- Urbanization and the Gilded Age

The late 1800's and early 1900's marked a new wave of immigration, changes in the cities, the dawn of mass culture, and the emergence of the political machine.  It was the Gilded Age!

Early 1900's-The Progressive Era


 It is the dawn of the 20th Century, and a new type of reform movement emerges to deal with the problems resulting from industrialization and the Gilded Age. The Progressive Era presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson will all address the problems of the country during the early 1900's.

Imperialism and World War I

The 20th Century brought a period of increased involvement in international affairs for the United States.  A desire for new markets and raw materials began the new foreign policies of the Progressive Era.  Roosevelt's "Big Stick Policy" as well as Taft's "Dollar Diplomacy" resulted in United States involvement in Latin America.  Woodrow Wilson would also continue this trend and eventually bring the United States to it's role in World War I. The results include the Panama Canal, many new territories and the growth of the Unites States as a world power.

Click here for more on WWI!  Watch an interactive map of the war in Europe from the BBC.  Great! Kiss

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Post WWI, Great Depression and New Deal

The post war economic boom led to a new lifestyle in America.  The Twenties were roaring with a new culture.  Americans were producing at record rates, during a new prosperity which ultimately led to the fall of the stock market and Great Depression.  Various approached were taken to deal with the economic hardships of the depression.  Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal program would make the largest impact with it's expansive programs, many of them still in place to help Americans today!  Money mouth

The US in World War II

Listen and review some key ideas concerning the US and WWII.  Initially, the United States response to the war was one of neutrality.  The United States would supply war materials under the Lend-Lease Act.  The bombing of Pearl Harbor would bring the United States direcyly involved in an second world war.  The result, however, would be victory for the Allies and a stronger United States.  The Soviet Union would also emerge as a powerful nation, leading the world into the Cold War period.

Post WWII-The Cold War & The Fifties

One of the results of World War II was the emergence of two strong superpowers- The United States and the USSR.  Conflicting political and economic systems gave rise to tension short of war known as "The Cold War".  We also saw an economic boom in the 50's.  The GI Bill gave many returning veterans opportunities for education, homes and businesses.  It is the time of "the American Dream" with increased prosperity, consumerism, and a great deal of conformity in American Society.

The New Frontier, The Great Society, and Civil Rights Movement

The sixties brought with it much change and conflict.  The Cold War still existed between the US and the Soviets.  New optimism was spreading, however, as a result of the promise of the new President, John F. Kennedy.  His assassination would shock the world and lead to a new era with President Johnson and his "Great Society" vision.  Both presidents would be faced with racial conflict, and the civil rights movement would begin.  Dr. Martin Luther King and many others would lead the fight for justice and equality in our society.

The Vietnam War and 1960's

The Vietnam War and 1960's were a very difficult time in United States history.  The country went through very divisive times with the Vietnam War as well as the rebellion and rejection of the traditioal values of the 1950's.  The result of this period would be a move in to the 1970's and beyond with a more conservative view and approach to politics and lifestyles.

President Richard Nixon

President Nixon's term began a new conservative movement in response to the 1960's.  He successfully ended the war in Vietnam, but became the only US president to resign from office as a result of the Watergate affair.  Let's listen! Laughing

Presidents Ford, Carter and Reagan

We begin our discussion in this podcast with the troubled presidencies of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.  President Ford faced a backlash from the Watergate era, and President Carter's policies in the Iran Hostage Crisis led to division.  Ronald Reagan defeated Carter and returned politics to a more conservative policy.  Listen for the rest of the story!  Smile

Presidents Bush, Clinton, and George W. Bush

We finish our review with discussion of Presidents George Bush, William Clinton and George W. Bush.  President Clinton, a Democrat, breaks the string of conservative Presidents.  Following his two terms, the country returns to a conservative approach with George W. Bush.  The tragic attacks upon the United States on September 11, 2001 led to s series of events including a war in Iraq.  Listen and review!


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This podcast provides a full review of topics in Geometry!  Click on the boxes at the bottom of the player to see the topics  We thank Mr. Pete Anderson of Hermitage High School in Virginia for his great series, Geometry Podcast!  Cool



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With all the emphasis on global warming these days, everyday we realize how important it is for us to gain mastery in this topic.  There are so many interesting topics that we cover in science!

Review some with the videos and podcasts below!   Comment and submit any you have to share!  Cool


Dark Matter, Black hole theory, and more!

Listen to this discussion about DARK MATTER on the Science and Society Podcast.  Dr.  Kim Geist discusses theories about DARK MATTER and experiments concerning black holes, BIG BANG, and other theories about the universe.  It is really interesting!  Laughing   Get more information on similar topics from the Science and Society website.

What is the truth about Black holes?

This is a video podcast from The Chandra telescope website regarding the characteristics of black holes in our cosmic ecosystem!  Undecided  See the website for more great information.

Explore our environment at Earth Trends!

Explore this great resource of information at Earth Trends, including the Earth Trends Podcast! 

Here's the link!


Study astronomy with NASA!

Did you see the lunar eclipse in February?  NASA has videos and podcasts on many exciting topics in astronomy.  Watch the launches and preparation for the shuttle trip with the astronauts!  This site takes you inside the NASA organization.  Buckle up and join the flight! Surprised

Here's the link!  Enjoy the trip!

English/Language Arts

We begin our English Language Arts mastery section with Shakespeare from a podcast from SHAKESPODOSPHERE created by Dr. Greg Martin.  You can see more about his series at his site linked here!   Enjoy!  

"Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo".......... Listen here!

Modern World History

Wow!  This is another area of great importance.  Most states have standardized tests on this topic which can be tough.  Also, understanding the history of the past will help us make better decisions in our future!  Every day we are faced with many of the issues and problems covered in this course.

See the interesting links below!  Please add your comments and suggestions as well for topics or sites, videos or podcasts of interest!Kiss  

Absolute Monarchs 1

Listen and learn about the absolute monarchies of Europe and Asia! How did they get their power? How did they rule? 

Because of the Reformation and the Age of Exploration, Europe experienced religious, economic, and political turmoil. To deal with these crises, European rulers increased their power. They claimed God gave them the authority to do so(divine right). Absolute rulers all over Europe experienced resistance from their subjects, some rulers were successful in dominating their subjects, whereas others lost control.

Listen and learn! Smile 

Absolute Monarchs 2

Continue our study of the age of absolute monarchs!

Because of the Reformation and the Age of Exploration, Europe experienced religious, economic, and political turmoil. To deal with these crises, European rulers increased their power. They claimed God gave them the authority to do so (divine right). Absolute rulers all over Europe experienced resistance from their subjects, some rulers were successful in dominating their subjects, whereas others lost control.

Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution

Review key facts concerning these important phases of Modern World History!

French Revolution Part 1

Review key facts concerning the French Revolution!

French Revolution Part 2

How does the story end?  Listen!  Cool

Nationalist Revolutions

Many new nationalist movements and revolutions begin during this period! Kiss

Industrial Revolution

Listen and review the Industrial Revolution! Smile

Age of Democracy

Listen and review the beginning of the Age of Democracy!

Age of Imperialism

Review the Age of Imperialism!

Modern World History-A Period of Transitions

Review! Laughing

World Government Websites!

The University of Michigan has a nice resource where we can explore the official websites of nations on all continents along with important cultural and statistical information!  Use this as a resource to start your term papers or other school research projects in modern history!  Laughing

 Here's the link!


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